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Google Maps and the Art of Driving Blind

April 17, 20233 min read

If you don't know where you're going, how will you get there?

I mean, what would you even enter into the destination field of Google Maps if you haven't a clue?

The same goes for our business!

When it comes to our business & life goals, we all have our short & long-term visions..

.. but have you taken the time to flesh these out and break them down into smaller, bite-sized chunks?

More importantly, have you set a time-frame where you're committed to completing these goals?

Without having clear goals -- and a precise time-frame to complete them -- too much is left to chance!

Plus, when you always focus on the big-picture, it's easy to become overwhelmed with what needs to be done, and the feeling that you aren't moving anywhere.

For me , I've always liked to use systems -- or frameworks -- with almost everything I do. Call me a perfectionist (which I am lol), but a proven system will guide us and motivate us...

It will also make sure that we get shit done as accurately and as timely as possible. And it does wonders for our motivation and overall psyche to regularly be hitting the goals we've set. This is proven to release dopamine, which not only makes us feel good but can be an addictive way to ensure we stay on track.

For goal-setting, I'm using what I call my 90-Day Business Plan. It takes about 30 minutes to fill out, and - aside from weekly goals - only requires attention once a quarter (every 3 months - or 90 days).

My 90-Day Business Plan contains 4 blocks:

  1. 3-5 Year Vision (My Overall Why)

    • For this block, you're filling out where you'd like to see yourself in 3-5 years. You don't want to be as detailed as the other blocks, but this gives you an idea of where you want to go, and what - exactly - it is that you're working towards.

    • Think of this as your 'DREAM' section. Here you want to include:

      • Financial metrics ($500k/year... $25k/month)

      • Your dream motivations (family, laptop lifestyle, living in a mansion, driving a Pinto)

      • Your business structure (employees, sales closers, etc.)

  2. 1-Year Goals (What You're Working Towards)

    • Here you want to be more specific! Where, exactly, do you see yourself in one-years time! Include:

      • Financial metrics (monthly income/profit)

      • Business deliverables (courses, training, mentorships, etc.) with a rough idea of your pricing for each

      • Your business structure (will you have employees? If so, who and for what?)

      • Capacity (how many clients will you be able to service at this point)

  3. 90-Day Strategy (How You'll Get There)

    1. In this section, you want to list the 3 main projects or goals that you must complete to keep you moving towards your overall goals. E.g.:

      • Traffic course completed

      • Working with 10 new clients

      • Website built out

      • You also want to look 3-months out, and write down the date in this block. So if today is April 27th, write July 27th, 2020, here, and add that date as a reminder to your calendar. That is when you're going to revisit this entire business plan to revise it for your next 90-day period.

  4. This Week's Actions (Now)

    • At the start of every week, you want to list the 3 main projects you need to complete by the end of that week. E.g.:

      • Finish the video content for module 3

      • Complete my new sales page

      • Record Video for Tank page

      • Do not include anything that you regularly schedule (sales calls, appointments, etc...), only projects that need to be finished up.

If you commit to following this structure (or one similar), you should notice an increase in productivity and in motivation!

If you've found this helpful, fire off an email and let me know! Also, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out! :)

Take care, and make this a fantastic week!

Mr. D.

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Derek Kaye

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