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The mating dance of the Wild House Coach

May 07, 20231 min read

In the wild, how much an animal stands or doesn't stand out is often a critical function of evolution that helps a species survive.

Animals like birds, for instance, will use color - or even dancing - as a means to increase their chances of mating.

Male birds, who tend to be brighter and more colorful than their female counterparts, have much higher odds of being selected as mates if they stand out more..

After all, it's a crowded dance-floor, so why would a female even consider a bird she doesn't even notice?

The same goes for your coaching or consulting services!

If your offer doesn't stand out, why would anyone even notice, let alone choose you as a provider?

Your offer HAS TO stand out!

Every service you market must have its own unique benefit to the client.

This benefit must be communicated clearly, and should be the focal point for the majority of your marketing!

So what makes your offer unique? What makes it STAND OUT?

This could be the service itself, the delivery mechanism, the way the service ties into your overall brand..

All of these - and more - need to be considered to create an offer that gets noticed.

So are you dancing quietly alone?..

Or are you strutting your stuff like the Alpha Coach that I know you are?

Use the magical emails to let me know!


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